Top 6 Salient Features of Paperwalls, the Booming Event Space in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru (JB), as a small bustling town in southern peninsular Malaysia, is more of a business hub than that of casual entertainment and tourist destination. Despite this popularity, this Malaysian city brings a horde of interesting sights for the intrepid visitors.

These are the ones who prefer spending a night amidst the rhythmic street scenes and partying cafes or simply an afternoon with museums, wildlife sights, and shopping centres, and religious places. Perhaps, this diversity is the main pull for the town witnessing a number of increasing visitors each year. This is also the secret why the emerging Paperwalls is becoming popular for its event space in Johor Bahru.


Reasons to Choose Paperwalls as Your Event Space

The city offers some good venues for business conferences and meetings. However, it is not that easy to find an affordable, distinct, and fascinating event venue for casual occasions in the town. This is exactly where Paperwalls makes an enthrallingly unique appeal to such casual event celebrators. It offers a space or venue for all occasions, which shows how versatile it is! However, this versatility is combined with unique experience.

Although you will find some 5-star luxury venues, this event venue is such that it ensures you a different look and feel as well as experience every time you arrange for any kind of event here. This is irrespective of whether your event is formal or casual. Well, this is how Paperwalls is different from luxurious and other types of event spaces in Johor Bahru. Such unique promise is exponentially becoming the top draw for several event celebrators.

Whether it is birthday party, a weekend get together, or a business workshop, you and your guests are ensured of experiencing joy and wonderful memories. You only need to have a good reason to celebrate or an event to commemorate or educate, and the rest is taken care of by Paperwalls. How does this happen? Well, this happens through its salient features coupled by experience expertise!


The Salient Features of Paperwalls

Well, for organizing an event, there are several critical decisions to take. One of them is choosing a space venue that has everything to make your event deeply impacting and mind blowing. However, what if this venue is quite creative to let you customize the ambiance in your own way? If this appeals you, Paperwalls will never disappoint you. Here are top 6 salient features of this event pace.


1. Big Creative Space

The very first factor to consider while finalizing any event space is the number of guests or attendees expected for your event. If the space can accommodate these many guests nicely, then you can go for that space. However, Paperwalls gives you an extra bonus: A large space with creative sides and corners.

You get a minimum of 1500 square foot of indoor space at your disposal. This is only minimum area you get to occupy. While this much space might seem to be less than some other big spaces, it is perhaps the most creative to get. This is because the space is given for you to decorate the way you like with a readymade canvas. This is why it says, “Our space. Yours to create.” What’s that canvas? This is the next salient feature.


2. Chalkboard and Whiteboard on Walls

paperwalls blackboard feature


This is perhaps the most creative and thus alluring feature of this venue. The walls of this venue have a chalkboard and a whiteboard so that you can draw your imaginations or embellishments to create the most matching ambiance as per the event.

Isn’t it uniquely amazing to draw your school memories in case of a reunion or a business journey since its inception in an event of business party? Wow! This can even make a kid party the most enthralling one! Well, for that, the whiteboard stretches happily from one end to the other.


3. Advanced Amenities

For choosing the right event space, it is essential to ensure that the promising venue has all required amenities and services. For example, amenities such as on-site parking, fully equipped sound system, high speed WiFi, and HD projector are essential to trigger the desired impact on mind as well as to convey the event message or goal.

The Paperwalls event venue in Johor Bahru offers all of the above amenities. It has all latest systems to echo what you wish to say to your guests. Because these services or amenities can make or break the event, it is recommended asking the manager or coordinator about all the available types of amenities on offer and whether they are included in the contract.


4. Flexible Ambiance

paperwalls whiteboard feature


Well, the venue is versatile enough to adjust itself as per the type of event. So, you can consider it for having religious ceremonies, brainstorming sessions, meetings, workshops, birthday parties, talk shows, receptions, classes, training’s, and even video shoots. Wow! This seems like an all-in-one package that keeps on giving new surprises whenever you plan the next event here through its whiteboards and heartily serving intent. Well, this is the specialty of this venue.


5. Experienced Expertise

The hired staff is comprehensively knowledgeable and trained to cater to any of your requirements for any event. They have more than 6 years of experience to perform so flexibly such that they can even dynamically fulfil your needs once the event has started. The plus point of the staff here is that they are ever ready to go beyond their boundaries to take care of your event and its guests.


paperwalls sign


6. Highly Accessible Location

Getting a venue in an easily accessible or reachable location is definitely a plus point. Paperwalls does not take away this benefit from you. The location of this event venue is a popular business hub due to which it is quickly accessible and quickly reachable. There is no problem with regards to transportation. In fact, even the elder guests will not find it problematic to come to this venue.


So yeah, Just find a reason to party and Paperwalls will take care of the rest. Contact us